Wednesday, August 19, 2009


It has been quite a summer!

I moved...I also moved my studio, which is great because it is now downstairs from my living space, which will enable me to spend more time painting.... except that on August 1, I BROKE MY DAMN ARM! Badly, I might add! Lol. I even had surgery. Two firsts for me. Oh well. Everything happens for a reason, and it has been a summer of wonderful learning experiences. (Even if I did not make it to Hawaii because I was in surgery!)

Anyway, it is still summer, the weather is hot, I am having an awesome time hanging out with my sister, and I will be healed and painting again before long.


Beyond the Picket Fence said...

sorry to hear about your hand...and missing Hawaii. But you look GREAT! and you have a good outlook ;) congrats on the studio. See you soon!

Christie Cottage said...

Woohoo on the studio!

Sorry about your arm, but hopefully the fun you are having will let you find inspiration for when you can paint!

Sue Foss said...

Thanks so much Gwen and Christie! I am already full of new inspirations and got a small sketchbook to try out some left hand drawings!


You are so damn cute, leftie! Where's the hoop? xxoo sooz2

Sue Foss said...

Aww, thanks Sooz! : )
I've been hoopin' it's one of the only things I can do!!! When can we discuss our show?


Are you saying you want to have an old fashioned phone conversation? Lemme know when is a good time to call...or email me.