Sunday, March 08, 2015

This Week's Special Artist Guest Comes To Us From Seattle, Peg Johnson!

I met Peg through an Etsy team I belong to, called ArtTeam.  She is an inspiration to me in so many ways…she's kind and thoughtful, she works tirelessly to help promote our team, makes a ton of artwork and spends lots of time with her family…such a good balance!

Peg's Etsy business is called Every Good Color.  

She also has quite a large presence on other social media…her website is: and you can also find her at:

Peg, tell us a little about what you create:  
I paint modern impressionistic paintings using acrylics on stretched canvas.  My subjects vary but landscapes and seascapes are some of my favorites.  I enjoy whimsical  art and had a lot of fun illustrating a children’s picture book a while back!

Would you like to give us an inside view of your process or technique?   
I like to work from my own photos.  I usually start with a rough sketch on canvas and then grab my paint brush.  As I develop the painting i work in colors and use contrast and brush strokes to help add movement.  I go back in with a small brush as needed to create the details I want. 

Where do you do your creative work?  
I have a small room with large windows, just off our living room.  The light is great for painting.  Music, movies, and our two little dogs keep me company. 

How did you get started?  
I’ve been painting since kindergarten.  My parents have always celebrated creativity. Before I was 10, my grandfather, who was an artist,  taught me how to paint with oils.  I have admired his talent and taken pride in being his granddaughter.  My husband and grown children have played a huge part in helping me get started in marketing my work since I retired from teaching elementary school a few years ago.

How do you define art or creativity?  
Creativity is expressing what you feel in your heart.   It’s playing, using your imagination, laughing, singing, and dancing on paper, with words, paint, movement… the instruments of your choice.

What did you study and where, or are you self-taught? 
I studied Fine Arts at Washington State University with a focus on painting.  I absolutely loved my art classes!  It is so inspiring to paint alongside others!  When I browse art galleries and shops I get that same feeling!

What motivates you?  
I am inspired by colors, shapes, people, places, nature, art, music, my grandkids, animals, everyday moments that warm my heart, catch my eye, make me smile. 

Do you find drawing or sketching to be an integral part of your process, why or why not?  
 Even though I really enjoyed my drawing classes years ago, sketching and drawing do not play a big role in my process. Drawing and sketching are typically black and white.   What I love is telling a story with brush strokes, color and light. 

Is there any particular artworks or artist that surprises you, inspires you or repulses you? 
I’m always surprised by the technical abilities of realistic artists, truly incredible talent and patience.  I am not a fan of dark, depressing art  although I admire the strong statements that can be made.    Impressionist and expressionist art  inspires and delights me, whether it be representational or quite abstract, I am fascinated with the movement, images and effects that can be obtained by layering and juxtaposing color and texture.  

Can you tell us about some of your successes and challenges?  
I feel successful and actually thrilled when I finish a painting.  While I have a plan and big idea about how I want the painting to look… I often have to work through several stages to get the image I want.  This is partly due to the layers of paint I use and the spontaneity and loose quality I love.   Of course, I am elated when I get compliments and make sales!

Who are some of your favorite artists or artwork? 
 Monet, Van Gogh, Morisot,  really all of the Impressionists.  I am also inspired by the art I see on Etsy and other websites.  Sometimes it’s the composition that catches my eye… or it might be a color combination, brush work,  feeling tone, shapes, subject matter, lights and darks, the movement… I am inspired by most art whether I like the style or not, there is often something I can learn.
How did you choose the name for your business?  
I wanted something simple that described my art.  I had a list of 15 or 20 ideas… but this one overshadowed all of the others.  Given my idea list,  my family members also picked it so I knew it was the right choice.

What is your most treasured possession?  
My beautiful little wooden paint box that my parents gave me over 50 years ago.  I was so thrilled to get those paints! 

What are you currently working on or have recently completed?  
I am painting a series of landscapes inspired by the park and lake across the street from my home.  It has a wonderful walking path so there is always a lot of activity. People come from all over the area to enjoy this lake.  


Peggy Johnson said...

Thank you, so very much, Sue, for the lovely interview write up! It is a great experience for me!
Your blog is beautifully done! I enjoy your writing and your adventures.

Mary Ellen Sanger said...

Big thanks to Sue for her inspiring blog! I feel enriched having found it. And to Peggy for sharing the world of color that she moves in. I dare say these bright and beautiful paintings can put the heart aflutter!