Sunday, August 16, 2015

Traditional Clay Pottery Lesson

Time in Ghana has its own very unpredictable rythym...and it does not feel linear, so it makes sense to me while I am here that my posts may be a bit out of sync

...slept until 7 am amazingly. Awoke to a rooster crowing...
Sitting outside, with the ocean crashing quietly in the background, with Ellie, Talk True, Ben and Aviva, a ceramicist who teaches art at a high school in Israel and is staying in the room next door. We discuss education and all have similar philosophies and issues...teaching is not all that different across countries and continents.
Breakfast, prepared by Talk True, is scrambled egg whites and veggies and a platter of the sweetest white pineapple and mango. 
After breakfast we learn how to make traditional African clay pots right on the ground. The woman who teaches us makes them look as if she threw them on a wheel. Small children come and go, laughing, playing and singing softly.

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